Tatsuo Murao

Tatsuo Murao

  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong


Attorney-at-Law・Certified Public Tax Accountant


Japanese, English and Chinese

CastGlobalGroup Founding Partner & CEO

Practice Areas

  • Investment in China, Corporate M&A,
    Corporate Restructuring,
    International Taxation.

Education / Professional Experience

  • 1990Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Economics
  • 1990Entered Kobe City Office (Legal Affairs, City Planning Bureau of Kobe City) (~1993)
  • 1992Passed Japan Bar Exam
  • 1993Entered the Legal Training and Research Institute as a legal apprentice(47th graduating class) (~1995)
  • 1995Registered as an Attorney-at-Law
  • 1995Entered Oh-Ebashi Law Office (~1999)
  • 1996Appointed as General Representative of Oh-Ebashi Shanghai Office (~1999)
  • 1999Established Tatsuo Murao Law Office
  • 2000Established Cast Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • 2000Established CAST Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • 2001Established Tanaka, Murao Law Office
  • 2002Established CAST Law P.C.
  • 2004Registered as a Tax Attorney
  • 2004Transfer place of registration to Tokyo Bar Association
  • 2005Merger of CAST Law P.C. and Itoga Soga Law Office (~2008)
  • 2006Transfer place of registration to Tokyo Tax Accountant Association
  • 2007Established CAST Investment Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
  • 2011Established MURAO TATSUO Law Office (Hong Kong)(~2016.6.30)
  • 2012Established CAST Consulting (Myanmar) Company Limited
  • 2013Established Legal Profession Corporation CAST – Ho Chi Minh City Branch
    (2017 Ho Chi Minh City Branch changed of organization from the branch to subsidiary.)
  • 2017Registered as a Hong Kong Solicitor(The Law Society of Hong Kong)
  • 2020Legal Profession Corporation CAST changed its name to Legal Profession Corporation CastGlobal



Arbitrator of the Japan commercial Arbitration Association

  • 2008Registered as an Arbitrator of the Japan commercial Arbitration Association



Shanghai Magnolia Award

  • 2005Received the Shanghai Magnolia Award (presented to foreigners who contributed to Shanghai city.)
  • 2008Received the Shanghai Magnolia Gold Award
  • 2011PRC Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Card given by virtue of these two Awards