GREETINGSfrom the President

By “connecting” experts with each other, we can open a new world.

It is my role and mission to lead CastGlobalGroup to become a group of “regional leading firm” covering throughout Japan and Asia by “connecting” 15 types of specialists and professionals.

We intend to promote this model not only in Japan but also overseas.

We have been currently working on setting up the environment for “CastGlobalGroup” to start on the fullest scale, but at the same time, we will move forward ourselves to explore opportunities to build up and expand cooperation with the other professionals after we become confident for such cooperation after having a certain match-making period.
Please pay attention to the future development of this unique big group “CastGlobalGroup”.

Tatsuo Murao

CastGlobalGroup CEO
Attorney-at-Law, Tax Accountant, Hong Kong Solicitor

Tatsuo Murao